Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Sin... exterminate...

Exterminate! The Daleks brought that word to life. Of course they didn't invent it, but they might disagree. I understand them to be quite egomaniacal so they may well claim the word for their own. Well, they do it with worlds, so why not words?

I wonder if Dr Connors is a Dalek. He has a tough outer shell which I'm sure houses a shrivelled beast. He has cunning plans which, I wouldn't be surprised, include world supremacy. Well, maybe that's taking it too far. A world with Connors in charge would be a world flushed down Life's big plughole. I have a feeling that Fate stuck her fickle finger right up her nose and Connors was the green, crusty bogie she wiped on the toilet wall of the world.

He could be, you know. A Dalek. I'm sure I saw an episode of Doctor Who where they managed to merge with a form more human than a can of aerosol on wheels. They don't have feelings. They are only interested in power and the domination of the masses. And if they can't bend you to their will, they will EXTERMINATE.

In Connors' case, he will throw you in Room 101 for a while, pump you full of the drug of the day, on special offer from his pharmacy of choice - The Internet - and wrap you up warmly in that jacket with the nice fancy straps attached. Then he'll roll away waving his sink plunger and pledging death to the Doctor. Unfortunately he doesn't mean himself.

Oh, to have a sonic screwdriver tucked away in my pocket. Oh, to have a pocket!

The person who designed our outfits in the asylum certainly wouldn't have had cameras flashing and supermodels striding along any catwalk. I think a two year old picked up a crayon one day and the stick man with his square, loose fitting clothes that fitted in places they shouldn't and didn't in places they should, was taken as the template for our pseudo-scrubs. We looked like extras in a low budget hospital drama, where the sets wobbled and the scripts limped. One thing that two year old child had forgotten to include was pockets.

So even if I did have the Doctor's (Who not Connors) fancy tool in my hand, I couldn't have tucked it anywhere - at least without walking funny.

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