Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Sin... New Faces...

Mission Impossible. Good films.

I like the gadgets. And the fake faces. How they have those latex (or whatever they are) masks that they just peel off. You could be whoever you wanted to be.

Tonight, Matthew, I'm not going to be a caged lunatic, I'm going to be Brad Pitt. Well, I don't have the figure for Angelina Jolie...

It's much more extravagant than Clark Kent's specs. He just needed to half his number of eyes and he was a new man. I suppose people were more looking at the fact that he wore his pants outside his tights to notice he was exactly the same person. Plus he hasn't made quite so many films as Tom Cruise.

Of course, you are still yourself, whatever mask you might wear. You're still a superhero in a suit and glasses, or a secret agent in a latex mask. A mass murderer as a teacher or child molester as the quiet man who helps the kiddies cross the road.

A madman in sheep's clothing.

Although I keep telling you I'm not, actually, crazy.

In Total Recall, there's a girl casually tapping a stylus to her fingertips to change the colour of her nails. In Surrogates, you can sit at home and live your life as someone (or something, considering it's a robot) completely different. And in Aeon Flux, a girl had her feet replaced by hands.... Now that's, clearly, more permanent, and it means you'd have a hell of a time getting shoes to fit. Would they all be a size ten...?

You'd be all fingers and thumbs tying the laces.

Then there's Face/Off. Swapping faces with a criminal only to have him do the same to you. How weird would it be to look in the mirror and see... not you. It'd fair tenderise your brain, and no mistake.


Given the chance, would you be someone else, if only for a short time?

What if you had to? What if you didn't have a choice. Your identity, everything that identified you as YOU, stolen? You had to fight back. You had to get the artist to spray on a new facade? Would that be ok?

You shouldn't judge a book by its cover. I said that the other day. But people do. It's not what's inside, it's what APPEARS to be inside.

I, myself, don't believe that, but some people can't help themselves.

Well. My face was stolen. Not by orderlies or psychiatrists. Not by some sinister surgery. Not by the ghosts on the machine of my mind.

By interlopers. By the 'Them' we should all fear.

My face was stolen.

Prepare for the new face of Sin...


  1. Absolutely, but only if I could go back to being myself 48 hours later!

  2. I love Halloween and masks and facepaint and tattoos - so, YES!