Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Sin...The Promotion...

I'm being promoted.

No, not that kind of promotion. I'm not going from patient to orderly, or even Grand Poobah himself (or 'Himself', no doubt). There's no corner office with a lovely big window overlooking the gardens. I don't get a pay rise with a nice bonus to boot.

I might just get the boot...

No handshake. No letter on fancy-schmancy embossed paper, gilded letterhead resplendent.


But, apparently, I'm being promoted.

Well, you might think, he's known as 'The Reverend'. Perhaps he's becoming 'The Deacon' or 'The Bishop'?

You'd be wrong.

Still, though, I'm in good spirits. The promotion in question (if you, in fact, were questioning) is that I'm being made free. And, you're wrong again.

I'm not being released. Even though I'm meant to be here voluntarily so I should be able to walk out of here when I please, I can't. Connors has his claws into me just as if I'm a mouse and he's swooped down from on high and is taking me back to his nest to be fed on by his hungry children. Yeah, like he'd share.

Free. The word tastes of... freshness. I almost get giddy with the thought, but then, I am in an asylum. But it's not me. Well it is and it isn't. It's my book. My story.

Sin, written by some bloke called Shaun Allan. I'm sure he's a nice guy, and all that, but would you trust someone with two first names? It's like he can't make his mind up.

Saying that, I lost my surname somewhere along the way, so I don't have room to talk.

Anywho. Sin, the eBook, is going to be completely free all day on the 12th January. That's tomorrow, or today, or last week (depending on when you read this).

If I can't be free and walk among the populace, perhaps my book can.

Less chance of people dying, I suppose.

(Available from Amazon US - Amazon UK)

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  1. I loved the mystery of Sin and his story. Can't wait for the next installment....