Monday, 5 December 2011

Sin... Little Willy Wire

The one they called Little Willy Wire
Decided to climb up a church spire
He thought he was King Kong
But something went wrong
And the results were really quite dire

The Wire who was never called Bill
Was, oh, so very very ill
Twas touch and 'twas go
A recovery so slow
But the Wire had a very strong will

One leg ended shorter than the other
So he walked a bit off to one side
And he couldn't walk straight
With an ungainly gait
So he went in a circle so wide.

Yet still a gorilla he was
And his chest he would beat
Just because
And though he got some flack
Claiming to be a Silverback
At least he wasn't the Wizard of Oz

Like Butter
The nutter
Dragged up from the gutter
Who spoke with a stutter
When words he would utter
To cast spells with a flutter

Little Willy the Wire
He didn't last long
The internal injuries
So bad
In a month he was gone...